25 Best Businesses to Start in Oklahoma [2024]

Business Ideas in Oklahoma

Have you ever felt the itch to start something new, but aren’t sure where? Think of Oklahoma – a state filled with bustling farms, rich stories, and yet, untapped potential. Many residents are seeking local solutions to their unique needs, and this is where opportunity knocks. 

Starting a business in Oklahoma not only addresses these local pain points but also offers a chance to tap into a community eager for innovation and connection. With a market hungry for services tailored to its essence, Oklahoma stands out as the ideal place to turn entrepreneurial dreams into reality. Ready to uncover the best business ideas that resonate with the heart of Oklahoma? Let’s get started!

1. Mobile Farmers Market in Oklahoma

Mobile Farmers Market in Oklahoma

Did you know that, over 10% of Oklahoma’s population lived in food deserts, areas where residents have limited access to fresh and healthy food options?

Bringing a Mobile Farmers Market to the communities can bridge this gap, ensuring everyone has access to nutritious, local produce. The best business to start in Oklahoma could just be on wheels, delivering freshness and health door-to-door.

How to Begin:

  • Research local farmers and establish partnerships for sourcing fresh produce.
  • Purchase or lease a truck or van, ensuring it has adequate storage and refrigeration capabilities.
  • Obtain the necessary permits and licenses to sell food products on wheels.
  • Develop a route plan targeting neighborhoods with limited access to fresh produce.
  • Promote your mobile market through local advertising, social media, and community events.

2. Oklahoma Storytelling Podcast

Oklahoma’s rich tapestry of history and culture boasts tales of Native American heritage, pioneering spirit, and vibrant modern-day communities.

Storytelling is a cherished tradition, and starting an Oklahoma-focused podcast can tap into a niche yet passionate audience, making it one of the best business ideas in Oklahoma.

How to Begin:

  • Research engaging topics and stories specific to Oklahoma’s history and culture.
  • Invest in quality recording equipment and editing software.
  • Set up a recording space, ensuring it’s quiet and acoustically suitable.
  • Plan your podcast episodes, considering a mix of interviews, storytelling, and investigative pieces.
  • Launch and promote through local media channels, schools, and community events.

3. Tornado-Ready Kit Production in Oklahoma

Oklahoma sits squarely in Tornado Alley, experiencing an average of 67 tornadoes annually, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Safety is paramount, and there’s a clear need for preparedness. Assembling and selling tornado-ready kits can be both a lucrative and life-saving endeavor, making it among the best businesses to start in Oklahoma.

How to Begin:

  • Research the essentials required during tornado emergencies, such as flashlights, batteries, first-aid supplies, and non-perishable foods.
  • Source these items in bulk from trusted suppliers.
  • Design and produce a durable container for the kit.
  • Assemble the kits, ensuring quality and completeness.
  • Market your kits through local stores, online platforms, and community awareness campaigns.

4. Home-based Native Crafts Workshop in Oklahoma

In the heart of Oklahoma, an astonishing 39 federally recognized tribes lend their rich history and culture. Starting a home-based Native Crafts Workshop is one of the best business ideas in Oklahoma, celebrating this heritage.

In an age where unique and authentic experiences are valued, teaching local crafts, especially those of Native American origins, meets a growing demand for cultural connection and hands-on learning.

How to Begin:

  • Collaborate with local Native American artists or tribes to understand and gain insights into traditional crafts.
  • Set up a dedicated space in your home with all the necessary materials and tools.
  • Offer both in-person and virtual classes to cater to a wider audience.
  • Market your workshop through local community centers, schools, and social media platforms, emphasizing the authenticity and cultural importance of the crafts.
  • Consider hosting periodic exhibitions or sales where students can showcase and sell their creations.

5. DIY Wind Turbine Kits for Oklahoma Homes

With Oklahoma’s towering position as a top wind energy producer in the U.S., there’s untapped potential in every gust. The best business to start in Oklahoma could be providing DIY Wind Turbine Kits, enabling homes to harness this prevalent resource.

Eco-conscious decisions are on the rise, and offering households an affordable way to tap into wind energy can significantly reduce electricity bills while promoting sustainable living.

How to Begin:

  • Research and design a user-friendly wind turbine model suitable for home use.
  • Source durable yet affordable materials for the kit.
  • Develop detailed, easy-to-follow instructions, possibly with video guides, to assist customers in assembling and setting up the turbine.
  • Package your DIY kit neatly, ensuring all components are securely stored and easily identifiable.
  • Promote the kits through local hardware stores, farmers’ markets, and online platforms, highlighting the environmental and economic benefits of harnessing wind energy.

6. Online Local Artisan Marketplace in Oklahoma

Online Local Artisan Marketplace in Oklahoma

Did you know that Oklahoma boasts a rich tapestry of artisans, many of whom are looking for broader platforms to showcase their talent? Capitalizing on this, an e-commerce platform dedicated solely to Oklahoma artisans is one of the best business ideas in Oklahoma.

As the trend toward supporting local businesses and artists grows, there’s an increasing demand for platforms that connect consumers directly to local creators. Offering a dedicated space for Oklahoma artisans provides them with an online storefront and gives consumers a one-stop shop for authentic local crafts.

How to Begin:

  • Develop a user-friendly e-commerce platform with features tailored to artisan needs.
  • Engage local artisans, introducing them to the platform and its benefits.
  • Incorporate secure payment gateways and a reliable shipping solution.
  • Promote the marketplace through local events, artisan workshops, and digital marketing strategies.
  • Provide ongoing support and training to artisans to ensure their success on the platform.

7. Backyard Homesteading Consultation in Oklahoma

In the U.S., over 20% of households began gardening in 2020, indicative of the growing interest in self-sufficiency and organic living. With vast expanses of fertile land, Oklahoma is ripe for backyard homesteading. Starting a consultation service guiding families in Oklahoma on small-scale farming is among the best business to start in Oklahoma.

As families become more conscious of where their food comes from and seek sustainable lifestyles, there’s a rising demand for guidance in starting and maintaining home-based farming ventures.

How to Begin:

  • Gain knowledge and perhaps certification in homesteading, organic farming, and local agriculture practices.
  • Set up a consultation service – offering both online and in-person visits.
  • Create a range of service packages, from starter guides to ongoing maintenance support.
  • Network with local gardening stores, farmers’ markets, and community centers for referrals.
  • Host workshops or webinars to educate potential homesteaders about the benefits and processes.

8. Oklahoma-Themed Merchandise

Oklahoma, with its rich history, cultural significance, and iconic landscapes, is a source of pride for its residents. Leveraging this pride by designing and selling Oklahoma-themed merchandise like T-shirts, mugs, and more is one of the best business ideas in Oklahoma.

Tourists, as well as locals, often search for items that capture the spirit of a place. By offering merchandise that celebrates Oklahoma, you’re tapping into a market that values regional pride and memorable keepsakes.

How to Begin:

  • Research popular Oklahoma symbols, landmarks, and cultural references.
  • Collaborate with designers or use design platforms to create unique and captivating designs.
  • Source quality materials and vendors for product production.
  • Set up an online store and consider partnering with local shops for physical sales points.
  • Launch with targeted marketing campaigns, using social media, local events, and tourist hotspots for promotions.

9. Native Plant Landscaping Services in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s native plants, adapted to its climate and soil, provide a sustainable and environmentally-friendly choice for gardening. Starting a landscaping service centered on these native plants is another best business to start in Oklahoma.

Homeowners and businesses are becoming increasingly eco-conscious. Using native plants not only conserves water but also supports local wildlife and reduces maintenance, offering clients a greener and more cost-effective solution.

How to Begin:

  • Acquire knowledge on Oklahoma-native plants, their growth patterns, and benefits.
  • Obtain any necessary certifications or permits related to landscaping or gardening services.
  • Develop landscaping plans that highlight the beauty and benefits of native plants.
  • Network with local nurseries and suppliers to source plants and materials.
  • Promote your services through local workshops, garden shows, and online marketing, emphasizing the sustainability and uniqueness of native plant landscaping.

10. Local Recipe Food Truck in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s diverse culinary landscape is a blend of traditional Native American dishes, southern comfort food, and modern flavors. Tapping into this rich culinary tapestry by launching a Local Recipe Food Truck is undoubtedly one of the best business ideas in Oklahoma.

Food trucks have become gastronomic icons, serving up local flavors directly to the community. By focusing on Oklahoma’s unique culinary traditions, you appeal to both locals reminiscing their favorite dishes and tourists seeking an authentic taste of the state.

How to Begin:

  • Curate a menu highlighting iconic Oklahoma dishes, sourcing ingredients locally when possible.
  • Secure a suitable truck, equipped with the necessary cooking and storage facilities.
  • Obtain food handling permits and any other required licenses.
  • Strategically select locations, considering high foot traffic areas, local events, and tourist spots.
  • Build an online presence through social media and local directories, engaging customers with mouth-watering photos, event updates, and special promotions.

11. Youth Agriculture Academy in Oklahoma

Youth Agriculture Academy in Oklahoma

Agriculture has been Oklahoma’s backbone for centuries, and today’s youth are tomorrow’s custodians of this legacy. Establishing a Youth Agriculture Academy, focusing on farming and livestock handling, is an excellent business to start in Oklahoma.

Why: As urbanization increases, there’s a growing disconnect between young generations and their agricultural roots. Offering an interactive learning experience bridges this gap, providing children with invaluable skills and a deeper appreciation for the land and food.

How to Begin:

  • Identify a suitable location, preferably with open land for hands-on farming activities and livestock areas.
  • Design a curriculum that’s both educational and engaging, tailored to different age groups.
  • Partner with local farmers and agricultural experts for guest sessions and field trips.
  • Secure necessary permits, especially if handling livestock and ensuring all activities adhere to safety guidelines.
  • Market the academy to schools, communities, and through online platforms, highlighting the importance of agriculture and the hands-on learning experience.

12. Weather Preparedness Workshops in Oklahoma

Oklahoma, often known as the heart of Tornado Alley, experiences a wide array of weather conditions ranging from tornadoes to ice storms. Creating Weather Preparedness Workshops that provide training on how to prepare and respond to these conditions is one of the best business ideas in Oklahoma.

With the unpredictability and potential severity of weather conditions in Oklahoma, there’s an evident need for its residents to be well-informed and prepared. Offering these workshops can make a significant difference in safety and awareness.

How to Begin:

  • Collaborate with meteorologists, first responders, and local authorities to create a comprehensive curriculum.
  • Secure a venue for workshops or consider offering online webinar options.
  • Develop practical sessions like first-aid training, emergency kit preparation, and home safety measures.
  • Promote the workshops through community centers, schools, and online platforms, emphasizing the importance of weather preparedness.
  • Offer supplementary materials, like handouts or digital guides, for attendees to reference post-workshop.

13. Local Music Streaming Platform for Oklahoma Musicians

Oklahoma has a vibrant music scene, especially in genres like country, folk, and Native American music. Launching a Local Music Streaming Platform dedicated to these artists is another brilliant business to start in Oklahoma.

Local musicians often struggle to gain the visibility they deserve on global streaming platforms. A dedicated platform not only celebrates Oklahoma’s rich musical heritage but also provides a springboard for emerging artists.

How to Begin:

  • Develop a user-friendly streaming platform, ensuring it’s both web and mobile-responsive.
  • Reach out to local musicians, offering them the opportunity to feature their tracks and albums.
  • Incorporate features like playlists, radio stations, and artist profiles to enhance user experience.
  • Launch the platform with live events or partnerships with local venues, promoting the unique focus on Oklahoma’s music.
  • Introduce subscription models or ad-based revenue streams to monetize the platform while ensuring a portion goes back to the artists.

14. Eco-Tourism Bed & Breakfast in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s breathtaking landscapes, from the Great Plains to its expansive lakes, make it a haven for nature enthusiasts. Starting an Eco-Tourism Bed & Breakfast that offers a sustainable stay experience while highlighting the state’s natural beauty is one of the best business ideas in Oklahoma.

With the rising global trend of eco-tourism, travelers are seeking accommodations that are both eco-friendly and provide authentic local experiences. Such a venture taps into this demand while promoting responsible tourism.

How to Begin:

  • Identify a location that boasts Oklahoma’s natural beauty, ideally close to attractions or nature trails.
  • Construct or renovate using sustainable materials and integrate green technologies like solar panels or water conservation systems.
  • Offer unique experiences such as guided nature walks, organic farming sessions, or local craft workshops.
  • Partner with local artisans, farmers, and guides to enrich the guest experience.
  • Market the B&B through eco-tourism platforms, travel agencies, and social media, highlighting the sustainable features and cultural immersion.

15. Pop-Up Native American History Museums in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s history is deeply intertwined with Native American tribes, making it a reservoir of rich stories and cultural artifacts. Establishing Pop-Up Native American History Museums can provide communities with insights into local tribes and their histories.

Bringing history directly to communities in a flexible and accessible format helps educate and inspire residents, especially the younger generation, about the significance of Native American heritage in Oklahoma.

How to Begin:

  • Collaborate with local tribes, historians, and cultural experts to curate the museum’s content.
  • Design portable and interactive exhibits, ensuring they are both informative and engaging.
  • Secure necessary permissions and collaborate with community centers, schools, or local events for hosting the pop-ups.
  • Offer guided tours, interactive sessions, and workshops to enhance visitor engagement.
  • Promote upcoming pop-up locations and dates through local media, schools, and community outreach programs.

16. Affordable Solar Solutions in Oklahoma

Affordable Solar Solutions in Oklahoma

With an increasing global emphasis on sustainable energy, Oklahoma, receiving ample sunlight throughout the year, is poised to tap into the solar energy market. Offering Affordable Solar Solutions, particularly targeting middle-class households, is one of the best business ideas in Oklahoma.

The push towards renewable energy solutions is gaining momentum. However, the initial investment can be a barrier for many. By providing cost-effective options, you can bridge this gap, making solar energy accessible to a larger audience.

How to Begin:

  • Research and source high-quality but affordable solar panels or kits.
  • Partner with local installers or offer training to create an installation team.
  • Develop financing or installment plans to further ease the financial burden for customers.
  • Host workshops or community events educating residents about the benefits and savings of solar energy.
  • Promote the business through local media, community partnerships, and testimonials from satisfied customers.

17. Homemade Oklahoma Sauces and Spices

Oklahoma’s culinary heritage, a blend of Native American, Southern, and Western influences, offers a plethora of flavors. Crafting and selling homemade sauces and spice mixes rooted in traditional Oklahoma recipes present an enticing business opportunity.

The demand for authentic, regional flavors is ever-growing. Residents and tourists alike search for unique, locally-sourced products that capture the essence of a place.

How to Begin:

  • Research and perfect recipes that resonate with Oklahoma’s culinary traditions.
  • Source high-quality, preferably local, ingredients to maintain authenticity and quality.
  • Ensure your production adheres to food safety standards and acquire necessary permits.
  • Start with local farmers’ markets, pop-up stalls, or partnerships with local eateries to introduce your products.
  • Expand by creating an online store, promoting through social media, and leveraging positive customer reviews.

18. Craft Beverage Tasting Events in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s burgeoning craft beverage scene, spanning from artisanal beers to locally produced non-alcoholic drinks, holds immense potential. Organizing Craft Beverage Tasting Events is an excellent way to showcase these local delights, making it one of the best business ideas in Oklahoma.

As the craft beverage movement sweeps the nation, aficionados and curious drinkers are keen to explore unique, locally-produced beverages. Hosting tasting events caters to this demand while promoting local producers and educating attendees about Oklahoma’s beverage culture.

How to Begin:

  • Establish partnerships with local brewers, distillers, and beverage producers to feature their products.
  • Choose diverse venues, from rustic barns to urban rooftop spaces, adding a unique flavor to each event.
  • Obtain necessary permits, especially if serving alcoholic beverages.
  • Offer packages that include guided tastings, food pairings, and take-home beverage samples.
  • Market the events through social media, local media partnerships, and collaboration with the participating beverage producers.

19. DIY Oil & Natural Gas Kits in Oklahoma

With Oklahoma’s rich history in the oil and natural gas sector, educational DIY Oil & Natural Gas Kits offer a unique, hands-on learning experience. Such kits, targeting both kids and adults, can demystify the extraction process and highlight its significance in the state’s economy and history.

With many families seeking educational yet fun activities, these kits can provide an interactive way to delve into a crucial aspect of Oklahoma’s identity. Plus, in a world where STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education is emphasized, it’s a timely and relevant venture.

How to Begin:

  • Collaborate with geologists, industry experts, and educators to develop the kit’s content.
  • Ensure the kits are both informative and safe, especially if they involve any chemical reactions or moving parts.
  • Include an instructional manual with visuals, facts about Oklahoma’s oil and gas industry, and safety precautions.
  • Package the kits attractively, emphasizing their educational value and Oklahoma-centric theme.
  • Market through schools, educational stores, museums, and online platforms targeting DIY and educational enthusiasts.

20. Cowboy & Native American Fashion Line in Oklahoma

Drawing from the intricate tapestry of Oklahoma’s history, a fashion line inspired by its cowboy and Native American heritage stands out as a distinctive and deep-rooted venture. This blend of rugged cowboy aesthetics with the rich artistry of Native American designs presents a unique opportunity in the world of fashion.

There’s a growing appreciation for fashion that tells a story and resonates with cultural identities. This fashion line would not only appeal to Oklahomans but also to a global audience keen on authentic, heritage-inspired fashion.

How to Begin:

  • Dive deep into research, understanding the authentic designs, fabrics, and motifs of both cowboy and Native American cultures.
  • Collaborate with local artisans, particularly from Native American communities, to ensure authenticity and mutual benefit.
  • Develop prototypes and produce initial batches, focusing on quality and cultural representation.
  • Launch through pop-up stores, local fashion shows, or partnerships with Oklahoma boutiques.
  • Expand online, emphasizing the story and heritage behind each piece, and utilize social media for branding and outreach.

21. Mobile History Tours in Oklahoma

Mobile History Tours in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is steeped in a diverse historical narrative, from its Native American roots to its significant role in the Westward Expansion. Offering Mobile History Tours that bring these stories to life as they guide participants through actual historical landmarks is among the best business ideas in Oklahoma.

History comes alive when experienced on location. Such tours cater to history enthusiasts, students, tourists, and locals looking to reconnect with their state’s past.

How to Begin:

  • Curate a list of significant historical landmarks and weave a narrative that ties them together.
  • Acquire a comfortable van or bus, ensuring it meets all safety and licensing standards.
  • Hire or train guides who are passionate about Oklahoma’s history and can engage diverse audiences.
  • Offer varied tour packages – from quick overviews to in-depth explorations – catering to different interests and time constraints.
  • Promote the tours at local hotels, tourist centers, schools, and online, emphasizing the immersive historical experience.

22. Custom Barn and Shed Building in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s vast rural landscape and agricultural backbone present a substantial demand for functional yet aesthetically pleasing barns and sheds. Offering custom-built structures, incorporating Oklahoma-themed designs, can set your venture apart in this thriving market.

Every farm, big or small, requires storage and functional spaces. By infusing a touch of Oklahoma’s essence in designs, you cater to the pride of local residents while meeting a practical need.

How to Begin:

  • Gain expertise in construction, possibly collaborating with experienced barn or shed builders.
  • Offer a portfolio of designs, from traditional to contemporary, all with a hint of Oklahoma’s character.
  • Use locally sourced materials whenever possible to emphasize the Oklahoma theme and promote sustainability.
  • Showcase completed projects and gather testimonials for promotion.
  • Market the business through local newspapers, agricultural fairs, social media, and partnerships with local farms or ranches.

23. Community Seed Swap Events in Oklahoma

Sustainable gardening is gaining traction as people become more environmentally conscious. Organizing Community Seed Swap Events is an innovative way to foster a sense of community, promote biodiversity, and encourage local gardening, making it one of the best business ideas in Oklahoma.

Such events encourage residents to diversify their gardens, saving costs on seeds, and learning about different plant varieties. It’s an eco-friendly initiative that also nurtures community bonding.

How to Begin:

  • Scout for suitable venues like community centers, parks, or schools.
  • Collaborate with local gardening clubs, nurseries, or agricultural extensions for expertise and support.
  • Promote the concept, emphasizing the benefits of biodiversity and the joys of gardening.
  • Organize the event, ensuring participants label their seeds clearly and provide any necessary growing instructions.
  • Extend the concept online by creating a platform where locals can arrange smaller, more frequent seed exchanges.

24. Native Storybook Creation in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s rich tapestry of folklore and Native American tales offers a treasure trove of stories waiting to be shared with younger generations. Creating native storybooks bridges the gap between the past and the present, introducing children to the enchanting world of Oklahoma’s cultural heritage.

Children’s literature has witnessed a growing demand for diverse and culturally rich content. Such storybooks not only entertain but also educate, instilling pride and curiosity about Oklahoma’s history.

How to Begin:

  • Engage in thorough research, diving deep into Oklahoma’s folklore and Native American tales.
  • Collaborate with local historians, Native American communities, or elders to ensure authenticity.
  • Hire or team up with illustrators who can capture the essence of the stories visually.
  • Publish initial titles, focusing on quality and engaging narratives.
  • Market the books through local schools, libraries, bookstores, and online platforms, emphasizing their unique Oklahoma-centric content.

25. Local Culinary Classes in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s culinary landscape, deeply influenced by its Native American roots and regional flavors, has a lot to offer the world. Organizing culinary classes that focus on traditional Oklahoman and Native American cooking methods and recipes serves as a delightful and educational venture.

The world is increasingly becoming a melting pot of culinary enthusiasts. People are keen to learn and experience authentic, regional cooking techniques and flavors. Such classes cater to both locals and tourists eager to delve deeper into Oklahoma’s culinary heritage.

How to Begin:

  • Design a curriculum encompassing a mix of traditional recipes and cooking techniques.
  • Partner with local chefs or experienced home cooks familiar with traditional Oklahoman and Native American cuisines.
  • Identify a suitable venue, be it a community center kitchen or a rented commercial kitchen space.
  • Offer diverse class formats, from short workshops to extensive courses.
  • Promote the classes through food festivals, local eateries, tourist centers, and online platforms, emphasizing the unique and authentic learning experience.


Every great business starts with an idea, a spark. In Oklahoma, that spark often comes from understanding its heart and soul. The businesses we’ve discussed today are more than just ventures; they’re a blend of what Oklahomans love and need. With dedication and a genuine desire to serve the community, anyone can turn these ideas into booming successes in Oklahoma.

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