25 Lucrative Blue Collar Business Ideas to Start Your Own Company

Blue Collar Business Ideas

Blue collar businesses are hands-on, often trade-based companies in industries like construction, automotive repair, landscaping, cleaning services, food service, transportation, and skilled trades. Starting a blue collar small business can be a lucrative opportunity for those with specialized talents and knowledge in these practical fields.

Some major benefits of owning a blue collar business include being your own boss, having creative freedom in your work, building equity in a company, leveraging your existing skills rather than needing extensive education, having job stability, and earning income beyond just a salary.

List of 81 Best Blue Collar Business Ideas

1. Delivery Driver

Delivery Driver

Ever noticed the surge in online shopping and food delivery? This trend has led to a growing demand for delivery drivers. By starting a delivery service, you can tap into this demand. Whether it’s delivering packages or food, this business offers flexibility and the chance to interact with various clients daily. Plus, with the rise of eco-friendly initiatives, consider introducing electric vehicles or bikes to your fleet.

2. Automobile Parts Business

The automobile industry is ever-evolving, and with it comes the need for parts and accessories. By venturing into the automobile parts business, you cater to a vast market of car enthusiasts, repair shops, and everyday drivers. Ensure you stay updated with the latest trends and technologies to offer parts that are in demand.

3. Recycling Business

Starting a recycling company allows you to generate revenue while also helping the environment. Offer recycling pickup services for residential and commercial customers for recurring income. Sort and resell collected recyclable materials to processing facilities. Requirements include a truck, bins, storage space, and labor. 

Market your eco-friendly services to sustainability-focused customers. Attain certifications to handle certain hazardous wastes. Expand into e-waste recycling and safe disposal of electronics. The recycling industry benefits the planet and is projected to grow as environmental awareness rises.

4. Pool Cleaning Business

Offering professional pool cleaning and maintenance services can be a steady, profitable business. Many pool owners lack time for proper chemical treatments, cleaning, and repairs, leaving an opportunity for you. Provide weekly or monthly services checking chemical levels, cleaning surfaces, removing debris, testing water, and ensuring proper filtration. Handle repairs like pump issues and leak detection. 

Market broadly to residential and commercial pools. Consider offering handyman add-ons like light bulb changes. Expand into opening/closing seasonal pools. Build route density for efficiency. Attend pool industry trade shows to stay atop the latest tools and methods. Certifications in pool maintenance can build credibility. Partner with pool supply stores for referrals. With over 10 million pools in the U.S., skilled pool service is in continual demand.

5. Gardening Business

Operating a gardening and landscaping business allows you to capitalize on people’s desire for beautiful outdoor spaces they don’t have time to maintain themselves. Offer core services like lawn mowing, weeding, pruning, and planting. Expand into areas like pest control, irrigation, walkway installation, and hardscaping. 

Begin with basic equipment like a truck and mowers, then add specialized tools for higher-end services later. Gain referrals by networking with local homeowner associations and hardware stores. Consider seasonality and build maintenance retainers so income remains steady all year. Employ helpers as needed for larger properties. Strong customer service and quality work lead to referrals and repeat business.

6. Transportation Service

Owning a transportation service can provide full-time income. Start small with one town car providing rides to the airport or events. Expand into a larger fleet with drivers as demand warrants. Offer specialty vehicles like limos, party buses, or shuttles. Market to hotels, corporate travelers, tourists, and event planners. 

Work during peak hours for airports, games, concerts and weddings. Join industry associations to gain insider knowledge on licensing, insurance, and optimizing operations. Consider focusing regionally versus spanning a large area. Offer member plans and subscriptions for frequent riders to generate steady revenue. Provide excellent customer service to earn glowing reviews and repeat customers. Keep vehicles immaculately cleaned and maintained. Plug gaps in public transit in your area as a critical service for those needing reliable rides.  

7. Pet Sitting Business 

Operating a pet sitting and dog walking business allows you to make money caring for animals. Pet owners need caring people to watch pets, walk dogs, clean litter boxes, give medications when traveling or at work. Start by advertising locally – online, vet offices, pet stores. Offer competitive rates and discounts for multi-pet or repeat visits. Highlight your genuine love of animals. Perform background checks on any employees. 

Expand into add-ons like pet taxi service, overnight stays, waste scooping or home visits for exotic pets. Consider partnering with a groomer or trainer for package deals. Get bonded and insured in case of emergencies or theft. Join professional associations to boost credibility like Pet Sitters International. Focus on providing attentive, loving, individualized care. Work on holidays, weekends, and late nights when need peaks. Build enduring relationships with pets and owners. Referral marketing brings steady business. Provide the care you would want for your own pets.

8. Handyman Services

Offering general handyman services provides flexible earning potential for those skilled in basic repairs and home projects. Market a wide range of services like assembling furniture, hanging decor, fixing leaky faucets, installing ceiling fans, replacing switches and outlets, repairing drywall, assembling grills, and mounting TVs. Start with basic tools and purchase specialized tools as needed for niche tasks. 

Charge hourly or per project. Remain on call for emergency issues like broken pipes or HVAC repairs. Build repeat business by impressing customers with speedy service and fair pricing. Partner with hardware stores to receive referrals. Expand into areas like cabinet installation, tilework, window washing, and wallpaper removal as skills permit. Effective handymen have a wide competency to address many common problems homeowners face. Stay busy year-round offering your quality jack-of-all-trades services.

9. Moving Company

Have you ever thought about the stress and hassle people face when relocating? This is where a moving company comes into play. By offering reliable and efficient moving services, you can ease the burden on individuals and businesses alike. With the right equipment and a trained team, you can ensure the safe transportation of belongings. Remember, trust is paramount in this industry. So, how can you make your moving company stand out and ensure a smooth transition for your clients?

10. Parking Lot Business

In bustling cities and crowded areas, finding a parking spot can be a real challenge. Have you considered capitalizing on this demand? Starting a parking lot business can be a lucrative venture, especially in areas with high footfall. By ensuring security and perhaps introducing features like EV charging stations, you can cater to a broader audience. Think about it: how many times have you wished for a safe and convenient parking spot?

11. Storage Facility

Storage Facility

Space is a luxury in today’s world. Many people and businesses are constantly seeking storage solutions for their belongings, be it furniture, documents, or inventory. By offering a secure storage facility, you address this pressing need. Whether it’s climate-controlled units or 24/7 surveillance, think about the features that would attract clients. So, are you ready to provide a space where people can safely store their valuables?

12. Mobile Mechanic Service

Cars break down, and it’s never at a convenient time or place. Imagine offering a service where you bring the mechanic to the vehicle. With a mobile mechanic service, you provide on-the-spot repairs, saving your clients the trouble of towing their vehicle. Equipped with the right tools and expertise, you can offer solutions right at the client’s doorstep. How can you make your service the go-to choice for those unexpected breakdowns?

13. Mobile Auto Detailing Service

Everyone loves a clean, shiny car, but not everyone has the time or energy to maintain it. This is where a mobile auto detailing service shines. By traveling to your client’s location, you offer convenience paired with top-notch detailing services. From interior cleaning to exterior polishing, think about the range of services you can provide. So, how can you transform vehicles and leave them looking brand new?

14. Plumbing Business

Water issues can disrupt daily life, making plumbing services essential. By starting a plumbing business, you address a range of problems, from leaky faucets to major pipe repairs. With the right training and tools, you can offer timely solutions and ensure the smooth functioning of homes and businesses. Plumbing might not be glamorous, but it’s undeniably crucial. How can you ensure that your plumbing services are a cut above the rest?

15. Meal Prep Business

In today’s fast-paced world, many people struggle to find the time to cook nutritious meals. Have you considered offering a solution? With a meal prep business, you deliver prepared meals tailored to individual preferences and dietary needs. By sourcing fresh ingredients and offering diverse menus, you can cater to a growing market of health-conscious individuals. So, are you ready to bring delicious, healthy meals to doorsteps?

16. Landscaping Business

Operating a professional landscaping company allows you to help properties look meticulously maintained. Offer core lawn care like mowing, edging, debris cleanup, and fertilizing. Expand into planting trees, flowers, and shrubs for visual appeal. Provide winter services like snow removal and gutter cleaning. Offer specialized services like irrigation system installation, walkway and patio paver construction, drainage solutions, and hardscaping. 

Initial equipment needs include mowers, trucks, small tools, and PPE. Gain expertise in native plants and eco-friendly practices to attract environmentally conscious clients. Join your local landscaping association to stay current on regulations and build industry connections. Take immaculate care of each property as your reputation will determine success. Consider maintenance retainers for year-round revenue versus only project work. Strong customer service and consistent quality yield referrals and long-term clients.

17. Window Cleaning Business

Clean, streak-free windows are your business as a professional window cleaner. Market to residential, retail, and commercial locations needing regular window upkeep multiple times per year. Homeowners appreciate having their expansive window surfaces expertly detailed. Businesses rely on you to keep retail storefront windows crystal clear for curb appeal and visibility. 

Outfit your truck with the proper ladders, scrub brushes, squeegees, poles, and cleaning solutions. Use techniques like lint-free towels and triangle window cleaning to reach heights efficiently. Offer interior window cleaning in winter. Consider add-ons like power washing building exteriors or cleaning gutters and roof areas. Build repeat business through prompt scheduling, uniformed staff, billing transparency, and perfectionist results.

18. Carpet Cleaning Service

Investing in professional carpet cleaning equipment can enable you to start a profitable floor care business. Visit client homes and commercial locations to deep clean carpets, rugs, drapes and upholstery. Remove stains, brighten surfaces, and extract allergens and dust embedded in material fibers. Earn certification through the IICRC cleaning institute to demonstrate your expertise with approved methods and solutions. 

Some equipment needs include high-powered portable carpet cleaning machines, vacuum, van or trailer. Market across channels from direct mailers, social media ads, partnering with real estate agents, and telemarketing. Set competitive prices by the square foot and room. Expand into related areas like tile/grout cleaning, air duct cleaning, and water damage restoration for more revenue sources. Provide fast drying times and excellent customer service.

19. Laundry Detergent Manufacturing

Capitalize on growing demand for eco-friendly cleaning products by starting your own small batch laundry detergent manufacturing business. Research nontoxic formulations online and perfect your own plant-based liquid or powder detergent recipe. Outsource graphic design for attractive packaging. Manage production scheduling when using a shared commercial kitchen or negotiate exclusive kitchen access if scale permits. 

Sell direct to consumer online through your website and marketplaces like Etsy. Attend local farmers markets and craft fairs to demo and sell products. Partner with grocery stores, home goods shops or cleaning companies as a wholesaler. Consider offering accessories like laundry bags and stain remover sticks. Experiment with gentle scented variations or versions for sensitive skin. Scale intelligently to fulfill demand without compromising quality. Stay abreast of FDA regulations and properly label ingredients/cautions. Use organic marketing across social media and influencers to attract green-conscious consumers.  

20. Waste Management Business

Running a full service waste management company requires specialized trucks, equipment and certifications but provides essential services to continual demand. Begin with basic garbage hauling and expand into areas like recycling pickup, compost hauling, construction debris removal, medical waste disposal, hazardous materials handling, dumpsters, and portable toilet rentals for events. Target residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal clients. 

Operate a transfer station if scale merits. Join related trade organizations to stay on top of regulations. Implement safety training to avoid on-the-job risks. Market across digital and traditional channels emphasizing your comprehensive services. Provide exceptional customer service and flexible solutions to earn ongoing business. Look for opportunities to divert waste from landfills through enhanced recycling and repurposing initiatives.

21. Motorcycle Parts Business

Motorcycle Parts Business

Motorcycles, with their sense of freedom and adventure, have a dedicated fan base. But what happens when a part wears out or someone wants to customize their ride? This is where a motorcycle parts business comes into play. By offering quality parts and accessories, you cater to both the functional and aesthetic needs of bike enthusiasts. Think about it: How can you provide the parts that keep these machines roaring and riders satisfied?

22. Junk Removal Business

Every home or business accumulates junk over time. Whether it’s old furniture, broken appliances, or construction debris, there’s a constant need for junk removal. By starting a junk removal business, you offer a solution to this universal problem. With a dedicated team and the right equipment, you can declutter spaces and dispose of waste responsibly. So, how can you make the process of junk removal smooth and hassle-free for your clients?

23. Jewelry Making Business

Jewelry has been a symbol of beauty and status for centuries. Have you ever considered crafting pieces that tell a story? With a jewelry-making business, you can create unique designs that resonate with individuals. Whether it’s handcrafted necklaces or bespoke rings, think about the materials and styles that would set your creations apart. Imagine this: How can you craft pieces that become cherished heirlooms?

24. Construction Company

Buildings, homes, and infrastructures are the backbone of any city or town. By starting a construction company, you play a pivotal role in shaping landscapes and creating spaces. With a skilled team and the right equipment, you can bring architectural visions to life. From residential projects to commercial ventures, there’s a vast realm to explore. So, how can you ensure that your constructions stand the test of time and aesthetics?

25. Campervan Conversion Business

The allure of the open road and the freedom to explore is a dream for many. But what if you could take the comforts of home along? With a campervan conversion business, you transform ordinary vans into cozy, mobile living spaces. By understanding the needs of travelers and incorporating functional designs, you can create campervans that are both practical and stylish. Picture this: How can you make every journey feel like a home away from home?


What are the benefits of starting a blue collar business?

Key benefits include being your own boss, using existing skills vs needing extensive education, job stability, creative freedom, building equity, and earning beyond a salary cap.

What are lucrative blue collar businesses to start?

Profitable options include construction trades, auto repair, landscaping, cleaning services, pest control, handyman services, pet services, delivery, and skilled trades like electrician or plumber.

How much does it cost to start a blue collar business?

Costs vary widely by industry from a few thousand to start a cleaning or pet care business to $50k – $200k for equipment-intensive businesses like auto repair or landscaping.

What are skills needed for different blue collar businesses?

Each industry requires specialized technical skills from HVAC mechanics to welders to chefs. Soft skills like customer service and physical abilities are also important.

How can I get training for a blue collar business?

Apprenticeships, trade schools, community college courses, on-the-job training, vocational programs, volunteer work, books/videos, and job shadowing can build skills.


Starting a blue collar small business allows you to leverage your talents to be your own boss. The 25 ideas presented offer a range of opportunities across construction, automotive, food service, agriculture, home services, skilled trades, and more. With hard work and persistence, a blue collar entrepreneur can build a rewarding company and career. Use your expertise to solve problems and provide valued services within your local community.

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  1. Another lucrative blue collar business is a parking lot litter cleanup business. It’s almost as easy to do as going for a walk. The work is done on foot using simple hand tools. You contract with property management companies to clean up litter debris outside their commercial properties. Fortunes are being made by people who are willing to clean up after others.

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